Ava Black [ManyVids] - Clean our muddy riding boots


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Includes - jodhpurs - riding boots - equestrian wear - femdom pov - blackmail fantasy - boot domination - foot slave training - boot fetish - verbal humiliation- cock tease - high heel fetish - interracial domination Come here dirty boi! Look at you drooling at the magnificent sight of your Equestrian Dommes in all their splendour! You just can't help that twitching in your subby little boi shorts can you? Mmm we do love to own you completely after all. Seeing you drooling and begging for the sweet nectar and humiliation of having to lick our boots clean makes us smile... Do you know we wore our boots out all day today just to make sure we gathered up all the filth and gunk from outside with only thing in mind? Do you want to know what we were thinking of all day? That we would enjoy seeing your tongue blackened by our filth while you squirm in discomfort... Hahaha, does that make you cringe? Well that's what we want. And you are going to do as we please. Because you will NEVER say no to us understand, Size:

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