Adam Castle [ManyVids] - The Only Salad You'll Eat Is My Ass


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Good morning, homo faggot step-bro. I see you are standing there expecting to eat some salad I made in the kitchen. No! I don't make homo faggots like you any salad and many things for that matter. You, step-bro and many other faggots eat a different type of salad. Get on your knees! See my hairy ass in your face? Now I will sit on your face and give you my asshole to eat. Taste it! Eat it! EAT MY HAIRY "SALAD". You, like all homos deserve to have your faces being sat on because your face is a toilet and you are a humiliation to men everywhere. Keep eating my hairy ass "salad" as your face is being sat on. Eat my hairy dirty ass and do not stop eating until I say you pathetic homo step-bro!!! Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, STEP-BRO, ASS EAT POV, ASS LICK POV, ASS WORSHIP POV, FACESITTING POV, FACESIT POV, ASS DOMINATION, MALE DOMINATION, ASS DOMINATION, DIRTY TALK, FAT ASS, HAIRY ASS, ASS FACE POV, VERBAL HUMILIATION, TOSSING SALAD, TAUNT, MEAN, BULLY, FAGGOT, PANSY, HOMO, GAY HUMILIATION, GAY ORIENTED, Size:

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