Adam Castle [ManyVids] - Cowboy Shrinks Homo & Doms Him


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This video is a direct sequel to 2020's "COWBOY POV FOOT WORSHIP AND HUMILIATION"! Hello to you homo. Last year you were in this same room but now it is renovated and more tough ass looking. You enjoyed licking my feet soles, being dominated, and humiliated for trying to get in me. I enjoyed dominating you and you enjoyed my feet. This time I have something in store for you. I snap my fingers and all the sudden you are fucking tiny. Now I am a fucking giant, bitch! How you like that? Guess you are literally the "lowest of the low". Now lick my big toe and my big feet that are more bigger than you. Lick them good and be like a slave now that you are tiny. Feel my feet pushing on your little shrunken body and know your place. You are not even a human fucking being to me. Enjoy the stomping of you by my feet like a pest which is what you are. I pick your little queer ass up and start licking you like crazy. You taste good! Now maybe there is another thing in store for you and it rhymes with "core". Oh! You guessed it "vore"! This video has a mixture of 1st and 3rd person POVs. Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, POV LICKING, POV VORE, MOUTH FETISH, GAY MACROPHILIA, MACRO, SHRINKING FETISH, SLOW MOTION, POV SHRUNKEN, POV DOMINATED, POV FOOT WORSHIP, GAY FOOT WORSHIP, GAY FOOT FETISH, FOOT STOMP, FOOT CRUSH, TOE FETISH, CLOSE UPS, MIXED 1ST PERSON & 3RD PERSON, VERBAL HUMILIATION, FAGGOT, QUEER, MEAN, TAUNT, EVIL COWBOY, FOOT SOLES, FOOT DOMINATION POV, MALE DOMINATION, Size:

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